How Far Would You Go?

That is both a literal and figurative question. To what lengths would you go and what distance would you travel to do something you’ve dreamed of?

Max Pezzali!

In April I did one of the most spontaneous, exciting and gratifying things I’ve ever done: I bought a concert ticket to see my favorite Italian singer. In Italy. With two weeks lead time.

Max, Nek and Renga. Singing along in the Verona amphitheater. #pinchme

Call me crazy (pretty sure my husband did), but it was SO MUCH FUN! And really, he was totally supportive and had fun watching me have fun – and I really had the time of my life. Have you ever “gone so far” with spontaneity? I’d love to hear!

It actually came together just like it was meant to be. Concert ticket, airline tickets, appointments with guides and wineries in Verona (I worked a little too) and then meeting my husband in Prague, Czech Republic, where he was for work. It was worthwhile for Cypress Tours and also soul-nourishing as I feed my wanderlust fire.

Valpolicella wine region near Verona

I highly encourage travel and adventure for so many reasons. Personally, I get a thrill that’s hard to beat when experiencing a different place, culture, food, language. Food-travel host Anthony Bourdain earlier this year said on “The idea of staying local—be it in a charming hotel or B&B—can help drive those unexpected moments and then some. I want to find a hotel in a neighborhood that has charm and character—the sort of place where I can walk to a café, sit down, and feel the place. You can’t take it in, driving by stuff. That’s not satisfying,” he says. “Travel moments can be magical.” That’s what I’m after for my guests and me – the life-changing, soul-touching magic of experiential travel.

My new friend Sara. I met her and her husband at dinner. Max fans!

I think that’s one of the things I love about taking groups on these adventures: I see it in your eyes and in your enthusiasm – and I experience it all over again through you. I love to make these turn-key opportunities become your travel-adventure reality.

Speaking of groups and adventures, I’ve taken 30 beautiful souls to Italy this year: Tuscany, Rome and the Amalfi Coast.

Looking ahead at 2019, I have growing lists for more locations in February, May, August, September and October: we’ll be in the north – Tuscany (Viareggio) and the Veneto (Verona, Venice) regions and again south, with stops in Umbria (Orvieto) and Campania regions (Pompeii and Positano.)

Please let me know if you’d like to be added to a list and I will keep you apprised. Everything for 2018 was sold out, but we have time to plan for 2019. Early signers get input on the itineraries!

Here’s to spontaneity, investing in yourself and nourishing your traveler soul!


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