Venice, Verona and the Italian Alps

This adventure explores the rich northeastern corner of Italy. We’ll stay in two lovely locations: a boutique hotel in bustling Venice, and a wine estate just outside Verona. We’ll enjoy a truer version of Venice – after crowds leave for the day – along with beach time on the Lido. We’ll taste award-winning Amarone wines in the Valpolicella Region, taste our way through the foodie zone famous for things like Proscuitto di Parma, and climb from sea level to more than 5,000′ to see castles and cold-varietal vineyards.

This small-group tour includes:

Accommodations, ground transportation, most meals (with wine), wine tastings, private tours, cooking lessons, tours and tastings at balsamic vinegar and risotto rice producers, and exclusive local experiences.

Dates: May 5 – 15, 2020

            May 17- 27, 2020

Cost: $4,250

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Special trellis technique in the Valpolicella wine region