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Central Italy and the Amalfi Coast

Central Italy and the Amalfi Coast

This 11-day tour combines the medieval mystique and Etruscan caves of Orvieto with the serene and scenic Amalfi Coast. We’ll dine in a cave, visit wineries, make gnocchi in Filomena’s kitchen and spend a day on the sea in our

Venice, Verona and the Italian Alps

Venice, Verona and the Italian Alps

This adventure explores the rich northeastern corner of Italy. We’ll stay in two lovely locations: a boutique hotel in bustling Venice, and a wine estate just outside Verona. We’ll enjoy a truer version of Venice – after crowds leave for

northern italy for the mardi gras party

Fall in Tuscany: colorful Chianti and the harvest

Join us for this 11-day tour where we’ll celebrate the fall bounty in the golden hills of Chianti and Lucca. Grapes, porcini mushrooms, olives – there will be something to harvest and lots to taste! We’ll also visit wineries, party

Tuscany for wine and the Palio horse race

Tuscany for wine and the Palio horse race

This unique trip to Tuscany in the summer includes the centuries-old celebration on August 16: the Palio horse race! We will have exclusive balcony seats above the crowd and celebrate in Siena in the days leading up to the event.

local Italian man holding a bottle of wine and presenting it to a table

Custom packages

You want to visit your dream destination, and you:      a. want a turn-key experience that saves you hours of research      b. want to meet locals who welcome you like family      c. want to tap

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Holidays and festivals

Every village in Italy has a patron saint, and they celebrate that saint in a big way at least once year. Add the big holidays, like Christmas, Lent, and Easter, and there is something spectacular happening every month. I have

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