Siena, Tuscany, and the Medieval Horse Race, il Palio

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This 11-day tour goes deep into the medieval history of the Tuscany area. We’ll stay int the charming village of Siena, frozen in time after The Plague. We’ll immerse ourselves in the local parades, parties, dinners, and practice races that lead up to the big one: il Palio (where we’ll have our own private balcony above the race track). After the revelry and celebrating we’ll relocate to a country villa for some relaxing, cooking and visiting wineries. A perfect combination of history, parties and pool time.

This small-group trip includes:

Accommodations, private drivers, Palio event tickets, pre-race neighborhood dinner, most meals (with wine, naturally), wine tastings, private guided tours, cooking lessons and exclusive local experiences. And your own private, 24/7, Italian-speaking guide.

More details coming soon.

Price: $4,800 per person (estimated until pricing is available later in 2023)