Our team

I’m happy to be your tour guide, personal planner and travel expert. I’ve been traveling to Italy for more than 20 years, and leading groups there for 17. I’ll coordinate a custom package for you and hand it off, or go along to take care of everything. I speak Italian and have traveled nearly the entire boot.

I have a vast network of professionals with whom I entrust our travels, including my first assistant and bag-porter-husband, Patrick.  He may be along on tours to help out and to entertain.

With Patrick, walking the group through an olive grove in Tuscany. We helped pick olives – and then went to the frantoio to press them!

Meet some of my friends and colleagues:

Luca and his truffle dog Giotto make our truffle hunting a pure delight! We always find something to take back and eat – and Giotto is endless entertainment.

Your ability to assemble the awesome hosts and venues for our enjoyment and learning were spectacular.”

~Gary B.
Winemaker Gaetano, together with his wife and family and 3 partners, makes award-winning wines in Tramonti. Our exclusive experience with him includes a walk through this 300-year-old vines and tasting unique wine from the pre-Phylloxera grape, Tintore.

While we’re sampling Gaetano’s wines, Eva and Elena are in the kitchen preparing fabulous home-cooked dishes to accompany each wine.

The trip flowed from one amazing experience to the next, and from one welcoming family to the next of authentic hard-working Italians who went out of their way to connect and incorporate us into their daily lives.”

~Connie P.
Chef Maurizio Rocchi creates magical dishes in the fairy-tale village of Civita di Bagnoregio.

Anglelo is “Nonno” at La Sibila boating service – the most experience skipper they have fun. Skilled at navigating caves, swimming holes and storytelling (in Ital-English).

Gabriella Faraone has been our guide for many years in fascinating Lucca, where she lives inside the walls. Also certified in Pisa and Florence. she’s very knowledgeable about Tuscan history!

The whole experience was truly amazing.  Your passion and love for the Italian culture is woven through every piece of the itinerary.  Many cheers to you for your thoughtful care in providing us with all you do.” 

~ Mandy K.
 You’ll enjoy cooking with long-time friend and chef ,Gianluca Pardini, in his demonstration kitchen. Laughs and Prosecco are plentiful.

All the planning, attention to detail and arrangements with the friends you have made through your travels to Italy made for an exceptional experience for all of us!”

~Michelle M.
Together with her sister, Fortunata, Filomena runs a fun kitchen at their restaurant in Positano. During your cooking lesson you get to see the fresh deliveries for the day, like fish and vegetables, and learn local dishes like Gnocchi alla Sorrentina.

Mario and Valentino are happy to share their multi-generation technique of making limoncello. Guaranteed good times – and lots of sampling.